Rediscovering your Creativity with LEGO and Storytelling

From kindergarten to university our education only stimulates our concrete, logical and judgmental thinking. How can we think ‘out of the box’, how can we BE CREATIVE if we have not thought creatively for a long time? “

– Luis Henrique de Souza

Let’s rediscover your creativity using my old Lego collection, some important information and a pinch of storytelling.

Who is this workshop for?

Entrepreneurs, liberal professionals, university students, teachers, freelancers, business managers and all those who seek to be more creative, original and innovative.


1º) Welcome dynamic
2º) A theoretical chat
  • Creativity overview;
  • How Creativity Works;
  • Concrete Mind x Abstract Mind;
  • The nine obstacles to Creativity;
  • The nine keys to Creativity;
  • Techniques to develop Creativity;
  • Creativity and Innovation Management;
3º) Lego: letting go of the imagination with plug-in blocks

Lego is an incredible tool for creative training, we can turn the small dockable parts into anything! You will model the Lego according to your imagination and inspiration.

4º) Storytelling: telling creative stories

Let’s continue releasing all our creative power, now inventing and telling the group some stories about our creations!

5º) Reflection and closure

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