Poder Pessoal


Developing people is one of my passions, let’s develop creative solutions in: emotional intelligence, personal skills, happiness, self-knowledge and other inspiring topics!

Personal and professional success in a digital transformation scenario essentially passes through personal power competences: Self-knowledge, passion, willpower, spirituality, emotional intelligence, power of intention, happiness, resilience, among others.

Science has found ways in quantum physics to explain phenomena of extreme importance to humans, which previously were considered side effects such as intuition, inspiration, creativity, charisma, emotions, among others …

We believe that making decisions is a strictly analytical process, but it is not. The former CEO of NOKIA said “We did nothing wrong, but somehow we lost.” Not doing anything wrong is take all decisions based on analytical data, with reason and foresight, and that was not enough to keep one of the largest technology companies in the world on track.

It is necessary to go beyond.


  • What would you do if you had no fear?