Innovation and Digital Transformation


Manage innovation in your organization

  • 96% of executives consider creativity essential as a core competency.
  • Only 23% of them managed to integrate it into their company.

Without creativity there is no innovation. ” – Philip Kotler, The bible of innovation.

Creativity alone does not generate value, but innovation does.

Innovation is transforming ideas into new solutions, processes, products, services and business models. Innovation is a process that is unstructured, difficult to manage and measure, and requires creativity to exist.

Digital transformation is a great reality, and we are only at the beginning of this irreversible process. Is your company ready to deal with digital transformation? What are your strategies to take your organization to the digital world?

I help organizations structure the process of managing innovation and creativity. Using important tools like Lean Startup, Thinking Design, Business Model Canvas, innovation management models, team creativity tools, among others, we work the teams innovation skills.

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