The real world is full of uncertainties and problems to be solved, the entrepreneur is the one who puts into practice an idea, that connects the dots, that innovates, that creates value and solve real problems.

  • How do I have the next great business idea?
  • My revolutionary idea can be transformed into a product or service that solves a problem?
  • This problem is really a problem for the customer?
  • How customers discover my product or service?
  • The customer is willing to pay for the solution of this problem?
  • How can I turn my idea into a product or service?
  • My product or service is suitable to solve the problem?
  • I’m ready to stay ahead of an innovative business (a startup)?
  • How can I develop myself to stay ahead of a startup?

Give me your hand, I want to help you get there, conquer your goals using a variety of techniques such as:

  • Basic concepts of entrepreneurship, startups and administration;
  • Management of Creativity;
  • Design Thinking;
  • Business Model Canvas;
  • Customer Development;
  • Lean Startup;
  • Entrepreneur Personal Power, exceed yourself.

Be sure that you are not alone, we are many and we must support each other, count with me on this journey.