Creativity Coaching

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Take Control of Your CREATIVITY

What happens in your life is the result of your thoughts, choices and actions. Retake your creativity is an option that will bring you multiple career and personal opportunities. See the world in a less critical and much more creative way. I want to help you to REDISCOVER your creativity, because we are all creative by nature.

As Life Coach specialized in creative development, I can help you to be a much more creative, innovative, positive and constructive person.

CREATIVITY is for everyone!

We are all born creative! We lose our creativity throughout our lives, we learn to judge, to follow standards, to always use the most effective method, “the best method”. Our experiences and our education destroy our creative potential. It is necessary to retake creative practices and abandon limiting beliefs to return to be a creative person.

“From kindergarten to university our education only stimulates our concrete, logical and judgmental thinking. How can we think ‘out of the box’, how can we BE CREATIVE if we have not thought creatively for a long time? ”

– Luis Henrique de Souza

In the process of creative rediscovery we will:

  • Work your self-knowledge.
  • Discover, clarify and align your goals. Let’s find out what inspires you, what makes you create.
  • Let’s get rid of limiting beliefs that reduce your creative potential.
  • Let’s set goals so that you can achieve your creative goals.
  • I will give you support, encouragement and follow-up so that the defined goals are achieved.
  • Let’s draw your best and work on your creative transformation.

Skype sessions. The first meeting is free so we may know each other. 

Your creative revolution begins now.