Creative Development

Como funciona a criatividade

What differentiates humans from other species is their ability to think, imagine, create and model nature.”

We are creators and co-creators of everything around us. Look around you, everything that is not natural was developed by human creativity.

ALL WE ARE CREATIVES! But we are disconnected from our creative potential, let’s get it back!

Creativity is important in all sectors of our lives and especially in our work. With the new technologies such as artificial intelligence, more than ever, creativity has become essential for any professional.

The problem is that we are accustomed to continuous thinking, with beginning, middle and end, but creativity is discontinuous! It requires DO (search, discover), and BE (relaxation / unconscious processing). All insight comes as a leap in the person, it is not something we can achieve at a specific time, it is necessary to prepare the ground (mind) for it to happen.


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