What is success?

What is success?

Something I consider very important is the definition of success. Most people believe that success is to have money, is to have wealth and fame. Let me give the example of Mrs. Elsa, an Italian descent, from a poor family, she worked a lot on her woodwork company with her husband, she was an entrepreneur by necessity. Her dream was to see her three children formed with good jobs, not passing through the hard life she had. It turns out that her dream was realized, they all graduated and post-graduated and followed their different careers. She never earned much money, she never had fame and neither was a financial success, but she has reached her goal, realized his dream to see her children educated and with good jobs, she is an example of a successful person because she reached her  personal goals.

Success is achieve goals and realize personal dreams. Usually it’s not an easy task because the self knowledge is not something widespread in our society, and it is essential to know yourself to find out what are your real goals in life, to find out what accomplishes you, what makes you happy. With self knowledge everything gets easier, and for those whose life goal is entrepreneurship, those who feel the call and have entrepreneurial spirit, it is essential to have the personal balance between technique, creativity and personal power in order to achieve success.

Success is achieve goals and realize personal dreams.

The success of the entrepreneur happens in bring into the world organizations, products, services and innovative business models that solve real problems of society and create value in the solutions created.

All potencial is inside us!

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