What is be an entrepreneur?

What is be an entrepreneur?

The entrepreneur is the person who can turn an innovative idea into a service, product or business. He thinks and acts in an innovative way, identifying and creating opportunities, inspiring, renewing and leading processes, making possible what seems impossible, enthusing people and combating accommodation to routine and taking risks on behalf of their ideals.

According to Emanuel Leite, PhD in innovation and entrepreneurship, to be an entrepreneur means having initiative, fertile imagination to conceive ideas, flexibility to adapt them, creativity to turn them into business opportunities, motivation to think conceptually and ability to realize the changes as opportunities.

The entrepreneur is an artist, a creator. Someone who creates new products, new jobs, new things, and never stops. He creates not only because he wants to, but also because he feels great need for achievement.

Businessman vs Entrepreneur

There are lots of confusion betwen the two terms because many times they really are connected. The businessman is the owner of a company, it may or may not be an entrepreneur, if he ceases to have the company, he stops being a businessman. Being a businessman is a profession, while to be an entrepreneur is much more connected to a posture, a way of seeing the world.

The Entrepreneur is the one that makes things happen, the one who turns an idea into a service, product or business model. An entrepreneur can be an businessman, but can also be an employee or the creator of a social enterprise.

If the businessman is an agent of innovation that creates opportunities and leads processes, he’s also an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneur spirit

It is the basis of entrepreneurship, is to have the will to transform visions into profitable realities, is the will to solve people real problems . The entrepreneurship spirit is directly linked to the ability to innovate, to do differently, to question the reality and make daily developments happen, to develop innovative enterprises, which are the engines of social and economic development of a nation .

Entrepreneurship is not about making money (although it usually happens), but to achieve personal self-fulfillment. What do you want to achieve and build in long-term?

Entrepreneur Career

According to Eric Ries, creator of The Startup Lean the “entrepreneur” should be considered a position in all modern companies that depend on innovation for future growth.

The entrepreneur has the opportunity to work in all areas of a business, to control their own destiny, to manage their time and deal directly with customers. All this may seem fantastic, but it is also an extremely complex and challenging task, which depends on several factors, knowledges and personal skills in order to achieve success. (See the Entrepreneur Equilibrium).

It is entrepreneur who transforms ideas into innovative real solutions, this can be doing:

  • Creating your own business or startup;
  • As an employee of a company (intrapreneurship);
  • As a public servant;
  • Creating or acting in a non-profit organization.

Entrepreneur Skills

Not only with entrepreneur spirit, intuition and a great desire to work you will build a successful  company. Besides having the courage to take risks, often in a unexplored productive sector , the entrepreneur needs to take very seriously the management of his business. Undertake is to manage, the market, invariably ends up devouring the amateurs.

Entrepreneur competencies

Zack start of success

Competences of the modern entrepreneur:

  • flexibility;
  • continuous updating;
  • motivation, involvement and commitment;
  • creativity;
  • innovation;
  • proactive and entrepreneurial attitude ;
  • openness to change and availability;
  • adaptability;
  • orientation to problem solving;
  • toughness and resistance to stressful situations.

I believe that in addition to these, there are other important skills for a successful entrepreneur, and I have a new mindset for this, the Entrepreneur Equilibrium.


Let’s build together the best definitions of what is to be an entrepreneur and entrepreneurship, comment and give your contribution, ask your questions or give your feedback, your opinion is very important to me.
Until next time!

Luis Henrique de Souza


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