My entrepreneur history

My entrepreneur history There is no safe path, there is no secret formula, there is no walkthrough to the path of success, every entrepreneur must find his own way, and face his own challenges. However, we can point to the set of skills and characteristics required for the entrepreneur success, and also, learn from the mistake of the other entrepreneurs to not repeat them. Childhood, creativity and computers I was always restless, creative and curious. My favorite toy was always LEGO, I created with him anything I wanted to do, whenever i wanted, the way I wanted. I challenged myself to create different things, castles, spaceships, cars, buildings, etc, there were no limits. I faced the problems that my creative imagination built, how do I do the  system that collects the landing gear of my plane? How do I do this launch mechanism of the catapult? Does the fire truck that I did fits in this building I’m constructing? Practically every day I Continue a leitura