What is be an entrepreneur?

What is be an entrepreneur? The entrepreneur is the person who can turn an innovative idea into a service, product or business. He thinks and acts in an innovative way, identifying and creating opportunities, inspiring, renewing and leading processes, making possible what seems impossible, enthusing people and combating accommodation to routine and taking risks on behalf of their ideals. According to Emanuel Leite, PhD in innovation and entrepreneurship, to be an entrepreneur means having initiative, fertile imagination to conceive ideas, flexibility to adapt them, creativity to turn them into business opportunities, motivation to think conceptually and ability to realize the changes as opportunities. The entrepreneur is an artist, a creator. Someone who creates new products, new jobs, new things, and never stops. He creates not only because he wants to, but also because he feels great need for achievement. Businessman vs Entrepreneur There are lots of confusion betwen the two terms because many times they really are connected. The businessman is the owner Continue a leitura