Perseverance – the willpower

Perseverance – the willpower

Perseverance and entrepreneurship are directly related, if you do not have the willpower to move forward when the path is full of giant rocks, full of problems that seem unsolvable, I can assure you that you won’t be a successful entrepreneur. Successfully undertake requires a lot of willpower on the day by day, if you have this willpower and knows how to live each day as unique, with happiness, you are much closer to success than you think.

An example of perseverance is the story of Dashrath Manjhi, an Indian from the village of Gahlour, village that was isolated from other communities by a mountain, where it was necessary to travel a forty-three kilometers road to get to the closest school, hospital and supermarket. One day, the wife of Manjhi fell ill, and there wasn’t enough time to take her to hospital and she ended up dying.

Manjhi decided that no one else in his village would go through the same problem, then, without  any government support, using only a hammer and a chisel, alone, for twenty-two years he carved the mountain until he opens a path. Thanks to him, people from more than sixty villages  use his handmade road every day, he shortened the distance between Atri and wazirganj on fifty-five km to only fifteen km.


“When I started hammering the hill, people called me crazy, it strengthened my decision.”
Dasrath Manjhi

Perhaps Manjhi, could have done the road otherwise, could have got support, engaged other people, among other endless possibilities, but the great lesson that Manjhi bring to us, is that the perseverance, the willpower makes things happen. Manjhi is an entrepreneur, he brought his idea to the real world, created something that generated real value to his community.

“What I did is there for everyone to see. When God is with you, nothing can stop it ”
Dasrath Manjhi

Willpower is linked to spirituality, spirituality is the driving force of willpower. For Manjhi God and his deceased wife was his connection with spirituality, each connection is unique, each person must find her own connection. The fuel of the willpower is your spirituality, what would lead you to open a road in your mountain?

Willpower does true miracles, because it takes you, your project, your dreams ahead. I can guarantee here, that without the willpower anything that you do wont work, because you will give up before. If the willpower is not one of your qualities you should train it, make smaller projects and run them from start to finish. The irony is that it does not guarantee in any way the success, hard work and perseverance does not necessarily lead to success, but their absence ensures failure.

“There are more people who give up than those who fail.”
Henry Ford

Some cases of extreme success through willpower

The greatest failure is to give up, is to not persevere. I dont like comparisons, each person has his own way, his own time, but I will bring a few cases of people from extreme success that only obtained it by persevering, by having an immense willpower.

Abraham Lincoln: went to war as a captain and returned as a private. Went bankrupt twice, lost his home, his girlfriend died, had a nervous breakdown (everything until the thirty-six years), he ran five elections and lost all. Only at fifty-one years of age, he became President of the United States.

Walt Disney: jumped from job to job as a newspaper cartoonist, he came to be dismissed for being considered without new ideas and unimaginative. His first studio went bankrupt, it was with the second one bearing his own name that he took off.

Akio Morita: saw his first product being a commercial failure. This did not discourage him, and he and his partners continued creating other products that made Sony one of the most respected companies in the world.

Stephen King: had his first book “Carrie, the strange” rejected by thirty publishers. After that, he threw the book in the trash. His wife recovered and insisted that he continue sending it to other publishers until one accepted it and opened doors for his other works.

R. H. Macy: failed unbelievable seven times before building one of the largest US department stores, Macy’s.

Charles Schulz: never had a comic strip published in his school yearbook, although he sent it every year. Moreover, Schulz, who never had a life of many victories, also never worked at Disney as he wanted. Snoopy and the gang was continuously published for fifty years in seventy-five countries and grossed over a billion dollars.

Isaac Newton: was never a good student in school. This led him to run the family farm, but he was so bad that his uncle had to intercede, forcing him to study at Cambridge, where he took off. An important point, note here the importance of self-knowledge, you may just be doing the wrong thing in your life.

Sylvester Stallone: born with a facial paralysis, and at his worst moment came to live on the streets. He wrote the screenplay for “Rocky” and wanted to act in the movie as the main character. Even living on the street turned down an offer of three hundred and fifty thousand dollars from a studio for his screenplay,  because they not accepted that he acted as the main character. Finally he got thirty-five thousand dollars  for the script and they let him act in the film. The movie “Rocky” joined the American records of the film industry as one of the biggest movies ever made.

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