How Creativity Works

How Creativity Works

What differentiates humans from other species is their ability to think, imagine, create and shape the nature. It is the creative fire that every human being carries within itself. Creativity is the ability to create the new, which does not already exist in our physical world. It is this power that transforms all human life, where we live, what we eat, how we communicate, everything has a direct influence from our creativity, from our power of creation. Every human being is born creative, while children we live immersed in creativity, and along our growth, we are led to abandon it and follow patterns.

In the present scenario, where we can produce “anything”, the creativity, more than ever, has a key role in the world of entrepreneurship. It is through our creativity that we will model, design, build and test new products and services. How can we do differently? What can we do differently? It is through our creativity that we can find these answers and solve different types of problems. Creativity is linked to all areas of activity of the human being, in arts,  in science, in business, in philosophy, in society, among others; each of which connects to creativity in a different way.

The entire creative destruction of the entrepreneur comes from their creativity, their ability to solve problems and create solutions that generate value. These solutions, products and services that have the power to overthrow the traditional business models are developed based on creativity. Most large business emerged and maintain thanks to creative ideas, Google wants to organize all the world’s information, Apple wants to turn technology into art.  Is possible to say that entrepreneurship and creativity walk hand in hand, and creativity an important force for the balance of the successful entrepreneur.

“Creativity is not a talent, it’s a way of operating”
John Clees

Creativity uses all the emotional and mental potential of human beings, using the concrete mind, the intellect, in the early stages of observation, scope definition, exploration and search for solutions; and the abstract mind, connected to our universal self, where does all the creative insights, intuitions, inspirations and vision of the whole. The creative individual has before him two options: follow the crowd – and repeat concepts – or walk a completely different direction, often in the opposite direction.

“Creativity is the ability to form mental ideas, images and things not-present or bring into existence something new, unique and original.”
Duaibili & Simonsen Jr.

How the creative process works

Creativity is a technique to solve problems, create solutions and things that do not yet exist. This technique can be applied to any human activity, such as medicine, sociology, marketing, entrepreneurship, education – everything.

How to put creativity into practice, seeking solution to real problems? We can divide the creative process into five strategic steps for troubleshooting. These steps do not always follow a sequence, and do not happen linearly, you can move back and forth freely several times in the process.


Identify the problem. What kind of problem should be solved? When we think about a problem, be it everyday or scientific, we first enunciate him mentally, we create him in our concrete thinking. Is this the moment that our intellect should be loose, observing and seeking opportunities. Let your mind explore, release your imagination, use all your curiosity in your favor.


Reflection on the problem, search for data, information and knowledge that can help solve the identified problem. Once outlined the problem, we fix our mind on some aspect of it, and in it we focus all our attention, excluding the rest of our mind. This is the time to focus our intellect in search of answers to the problem identified. Find information, systematically analyze data and options.


We observe the reactions and associations of ideas that the problem produces in our conscience and try to find out if these derivations bring some light to the problem. The incubation process develops itself more in the unconscious plan, or in the pre-conscious range. Not always the solution is found, we need to rest, and return to work later in the solution. The activity designed by no means stops, and silently, according to the intensity of the delineation and the desire to find a solution, it is established a related activity in our abstract mind. This pause, this unconscious work helps to find the solution later, the mind in the abstract and unconscious level starts working almost alone. This is the time to leave aside our intellect, silence our concrete mind, and go in search of enlightenment of our idea.


After some time, which can vary from days, months and years, through inspiration flashes the solution suddenly appears, the insight arises. The insight is that “genius” idea that occasionally some people have, is the “Heureka”, is the snap of creativity, processed by the abstract mind, connected to our universal self. It is the sudden understanding of the relationship between means and ends. Appears usually without conscious effort. It’s necessary to be open to the abstract mind to be able receive a insight.


After find the idea, and judge it satisfactory, starts the preparation stage. At this stage the idea is elaborated, retaking the use of our intellectual instrument so that we can refine it, improve it and shape it. We must also check if the idea adopted as a solution to the problem is, in fact, the solution.

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