My entrepreneur history

My entrepreneur history There is no safe path, there is no secret formula, there is no walkthrough to the path of success, every entrepreneur must find his own way, and face his own challenges. However, we can point to the set of skills and characteristics required for the entrepreneur success, and also, learn from the mistake of the other entrepreneurs to not repeat them. Childhood, creativity and computers I was always restless, creative and curious. My favorite toy was always LEGO, I created with him anything I wanted to do, whenever i wanted, the way I wanted. I challenged myself to create different things, castles, spaceships, cars, buildings, etc, there were no limits. I faced the problems that my creative imagination built, how do I do the  system that collects the landing gear of my plane? How do I do this launch mechanism of the catapult? Does the fire truck that I did fits in this building I’m constructing? Practically every day I Continue a leitura

Perseverance – the willpower

Perseverance – the willpower Perseverance and entrepreneurship are directly related, if you do not have the willpower to move forward when the path is full of giant rocks, full of problems that seem unsolvable, I can assure you that you won’t be a successful entrepreneur. Successfully undertake requires a lot of willpower on the day by day, if you have this willpower and knows how to live each day as unique, with happiness, you are much closer to success than you think. An example of perseverance is the story of Dashrath Manjhi, an Indian from the village of Gahlour, village that was isolated from other communities by a mountain, where it was necessary to travel a forty-three kilometers road to get to the closest school, hospital and supermarket. One day, the wife of Manjhi fell ill, and there wasn’t enough time to take her to hospital and she ended up dying. Manjhi decided that no one else in his village would Continue a leitura

What is success?

What is success? Something I consider very important is the definition of success. Most people believe that success is to have money, is to have wealth and fame. Let me give the example of Mrs. Elsa, an Italian descent, from a poor family, she worked a lot on her woodwork company with her husband, she was an entrepreneur by necessity. Her dream was to see her three children formed with good jobs, not passing through the hard life she had. It turns out that her dream was realized, they all graduated and post-graduated and followed their different careers. She never earned much money, she never had fame and neither was a financial success, but she has reached her goal, realized his dream to see her children educated and with good jobs, she is an example of a successful person because she reached her  personal goals. Success is achieve goals and realize personal dreams. Usually it’s not an easy task because the self knowledge is not something Continue a leitura

What is be an entrepreneur?

What is be an entrepreneur? The entrepreneur is the person who can turn an innovative idea into a service, product or business. He thinks and acts in an innovative way, identifying and creating opportunities, inspiring, renewing and leading processes, making possible what seems impossible, enthusing people and combating accommodation to routine and taking risks on behalf of their ideals. According to Emanuel Leite, PhD in innovation and entrepreneurship, to be an entrepreneur means having initiative, fertile imagination to conceive ideas, flexibility to adapt them, creativity to turn them into business opportunities, motivation to think conceptually and ability to realize the changes as opportunities. The entrepreneur is an artist, a creator. Someone who creates new products, new jobs, new things, and never stops. He creates not only because he wants to, but also because he feels great need for achievement. Businessman vs Entrepreneur There are lots of confusion betwen the two terms because many times they really are connected. The businessman is the owner Continue a leitura