How Creativity Works

How Creativity Works What differentiates humans from other species is their ability to think, imagine, create and shape the nature. It is the creative fire that every human being carries within itself. Creativity is the ability to create the new, which does not already exist in our physical world. It is this power that transforms all human life, where we live, what we eat, how we communicate, everything has a direct influence from our creativity, from our power of creation. Every human being is born creative, while children we live immersed in creativity, and along our growth, we are led to abandon it and follow patterns. In the present scenario, where we can produce “anything”, the creativity, more than ever, has a key role in the world of entrepreneurship. It is through our creativity that we will model, design, build and test new products and services. How can we do differently? What can we do differently? It is through our creativity that Continue a leitura