Hi, I’m the administrator and Creative Coach Luis Henrique de Souza.

Luis Henrique de Souza

Luis Henrique de Souza

I am business administrator with emphasis in marketing, graduated from PUCRS and Life Coach specialized in Creativity coaching.

Author of the book “Entrepreneur Equilibrium: The tripod of success – Technique – Creativity – Personal Power” and facilitator of the workshop Rediscovering your Creativity.

I am the creator of Exposul Saúde and Health and Wellness Forum and the startup Clic indica.

I have three great passions in my life, undertake, create and develop people.

I already worked as a software developer, IT teacher, orientation agent at SEBRAE-RS, product marketing assistant at DELL, as marketing director of a syndicate, as a assistant in a political campaign and also in a small business.

I also went bankrupt, divorced, lost the apartment I lived in, my dog, my business and basically everything I had. I faced a lot of anxiety, panic and depression, and, reaching the bottom of the pit I reinvented myself, discovered myself, and discovered that all this had been the best thing that could have happened in my life.

I discovered myself as an entrepreneur, because I feel the need of accomplishment, to bring ideas to the real world, at the same time, I am passionate about developing people, passing with excitement my experiences and my knowledge to all those who seek to be better people.

I am an activist and enthusiast in three different areas: Free Software, Vegetarianism and Quantum Metaphysics.

Criança Criativa

On my website I write about entrepreneurship, innovation, creativity and personal power.

Learn a little more about my story in the article: My entrepreneurial history.

There is no safe path, there is no secret formula, there is no step by step path to success, every entrepreneur must find his own way, and face his own challenges. However, we can point out the set of knowledge and characteristics necessary for the success of the entrepreneur, and also learn from the mistakes of other entrepreneurs so that they do not need to be repeated.