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The coaching process is an empowerment process. Everything you need is inside of you, hidden, there is an extremely creative being. So why should the coach be part of this process? Because the coach is a provocateur, he’s going to ask you the right questions, so you can have that insight of your life, so you can see the ways and the solutions to your problems. It is the coach who helps you to achieve your goals and objectives, because coaching is a measurable process, and results are evident.

Being creative is our greatest gift, and using that gift will transform your personal and professional life.

Is it possible to do all this without a Coach? Of course, yes, but is much more harder and requires a level of personal commitment that few people have. And, in the end, it’s great to have someone who encourages us, who trusts us, who instigate us to be a better, more complete, more balanced, and much happier human being, at least at the beginning of that transformation.

Our first meeting is free. Why? Because the coaching process requires a lot of trust and openness, and if there is no such energy, the process does not flow. So let’s have a great chat before we begin, and if there are affinities, we begin this beautiful process of creative transformation.

Our meeting is totally online, via Skype.

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